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SPARTACON Co was founded on July 2020, based on the combination of the over-thirty years’ presence of its executive members specialized in major Public-Works Projects and the academic and up-to-date expertise of the younger generation.

SPARTACON Co consists of executive professionals of Technical companies who obtained great Experience from their longterm participation in Construction projects.



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The aim of SPARTACON Co is the Construction and Maintenance of Public and Private Spaces and Buildings, Sport Facilities,Renewable energy systems and installations. To achieve that goal, SPARTACON Co undertakes the production, supply, import, export of mechanical equipment, building hardware, machinery, specialized materials and equipment, flooring, coverings and so on from Greece and abroad, as well as their trade to public and private sectors.

Quality assurance

SPARTACON Co focuses on quality assurance of its products and services. SPARTACON Co develops and implements Quality Assurance Systems in accordance with the requirements of ISO certifications such as ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018.

Team members


Mrs. Tzortzaki Aggeliki studied Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics specialized in the Energy & Environment field at Patra Polytechnic before gaining a master’s degree at Management Engineering specialized in Energy and Environmental Management at Milano Polytechnic. Since 2017 she has worked as Mechanical Engineer in several study offices and construction companies. Since July 2020 she is the President and Administrator (CEO) in SPARTACON construction company.


Mr. Koukakis Panagiotis has a diploma and Master’s degree as a Civil Engineer from the Northeastern University of Boston. He acquired his over 35 years’ experience in the construction of roads, buildings, sport facilities, sewage, public places, and environmental projects. In 1994, he was one of the main founders of GIGERTON SA construction company. He has been CEO. in GIGERTON SA, GIGERTON Energy SA and Meteognosis SA. Since July 2020 he is the General Manager (COO) in SPARTACON construction company.


Mr. Tzortzakis Athanasios is a graduate of the Economic University of Piraeus. He acquired his over 40 years’ experience working as a financial director in big commercial and digital companies. In 1994 he was the financial director of Gigerton SA construction company. Since July 2020 he serves the duties of Financial Director (CFO) in SPARTACON construction company.


Mr. Salkitzoglou Anthimos is a graduate Civil Engineer. In 1998 he obtained his MSc Degree in Highway Management and Engineering of the University of Birmingham. Since 2000 till today he works in the Construction of public and private projects as supervisor and consultant of construction companies. Since July 2020 he serves as Technical Director (CTO) in SPARTACON construction company.


Mrs. Tziortziopoulou Marianna has a diploma of ‘Renovation and Restoration of Buildings‘ . Since 2008 she has worked in construction companies as a secretary and since 2010, she works in construction companies in the field of public works and procurements undertaking the procedures from the starting participation to the contest to the supervision till the final delivery of the project. Since December 2020 she is Auction’s operator in SPARTACON construction company.


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