Sport Equipment
and flooring

Our company is responsible for the trade, the safe transportation and installation for all kinds of equipment of sport facilities. Trained crew is specialized to install the materials following all the required guidelines and specifications, filling the highest needs of our clients with top technical support.

of buildings and infrastructure

Our company, investing in the experience of its’ partners and their specialized academic expertise is undertaking the construction of infrastructure projects of all fields, as well as the construction of public and private spaces and buildings.
Our goal is the longterm ergonomy, functionality and viability of the projects. For that goal, the company obtained a Certificate of Public Works’ Constructions of the Greek Ministry of Environment – level 2 for Road Construction, Building, Hydraulic Works, electromechanical, Industriall, Energy-efficient requirements, and level -1 for Environmental Green projects.


70th Ethnikis Antistaseos
17237 Dafni

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